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Our Gate Lever Handle is made from durable and reliable 304 grade stainless steel using precision. It is a solid lever handle with a sleek and timeless design that enhances the look of gates, fences and entrances. The ergonomic round shape makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold while also providing a firm grip for opening or closing gates easily. This means it can be used outdoors as stainless steel will not rust, corrode or tarnish in different weather conditions. For whatever purpose; be it residential or commercial properties, our Gate Lever Handle combines both elegance and efficiency so as to make your property’s entrance inviting and secure. You can install it on garden gates, driveway gates or any outdoor enclosures giving them a touch of sophistication and convenience.
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Gate lever handle

Our Gate Lever Handle is made from durable and reliable 304 grade stainless steel using precision. It is a solid lever handle with a sleek and timeless design that enhances the look of gates, fences and entrances. The ergonomic round shape makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold while also providing a firm grip for opening or closing gates easily. This means it can be used outdoors as stainless steel will not rust, corrode or tarnish in different weather conditions. For whatever purpose; be it residential or commercial properties, our Gate Lever Handle combines both elegance and efficiency so as to make your property’s entrance inviting and secure. You can install it on garden gates, driveway gates or any outdoor enclosures giving them a touch of sophistication and convenience.

Gate Lever Handle Parameters:

Material:Satin stainless steel / Satin Brass PVD

Features:Solid Lever handle in Stainless steel 304 grade


Color:Satin Stainless Steel / Polish Satinless steel / Gold Plated / Physcial Vapor Deposition

Gate Lever Handle Features:

Solid Construction: 

Our Modern Gate Lever is constructed from high quality stainless steel grade 304, thus offering durability that is resistant to damage, which aids in ensuring years of reliable operation.

Elegant Design: 

Commercial Lever Handle is a lever handle with rounded shape, giving your gate or entrance an elegant touch and therefore making it look stunning.

Comfortable Grip: 

Its ergonomic design ensures comfort as you hold it, even when used for long periods of time.

Weather Resistance: 

A lot of our customers are attracted to the fact that our stainless-steel handles are rustproof, corrosion proof and tarnish resistant meaning that they will not lose their shine either in the rain or under direct sunshine.

Versatile Application: 

These Commercial Door Lever Handles can be used in a number of gates such as garden gates, driveway gates and entrance gates hence they are useful both at home and other properties like offices.

Easy Installation: 

The process involved in installing the handless is so easy anyone can do it hence no need for extra help because mounting them on a gate or fence takes almost no effort or time at all.

Secure Access: 

In addition to providing secure access points for opening and closing doors, these levers maintain authorized entry while reducing risks associated with break-ins.

Where we can use Gate Lever Handle:

Residential Properties: 

Our gate lever handle enhances the entrances to residential homes including garden gates, backyard fences and driveway gates in a fashionable functional way.

Commercial Establishments: 

To entrance gates and perimeter fences of commercial properties like office complex, storefronts and industrial facilities add our lever handle for elegance and security.

Public Spaces: 

In public spaces such as parks, community centers and municipal buildings make our lever handle durable and versatile on gates and entry points to enhance accessibility and beauty.

Educational Institutions: 

In schools, universities, educational campuses among others incorporate our lever handle on pedestrian gates access points to improve on security as well as convenience.


More Details About Gate Lever Handle:

Gate Lever Handle FAQs:

What material is the lever handle made of?

Our Gate Lever Handle is crafted from solid stainless steel 304 grade, known for its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.

Is the handle suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, our lever handle is specifically designed for outdoor applications and is resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing, making it ideal for gates and fences.

Does the handle come with mounting hardware?

Yes, our lever handle is typically supplied with all necessary mounting hardware for easy installation on gates or fences.

What is the shape of the handle?

Our Gate Lever Handle features a round design, providing a comfortable grip and ergonomic operation for users.

Can the handle be installed on both left-hand and right-hand opening gates?

Yes, our lever handle is reversible and can be installed on both left-hand and right-hand opening gates, offering flexibility in installation.

Is the lever handle compatible with different gate materials?

Yes, our lever handle is compatible with various gate materials, including wood, metal, and PVC, offering versatility in application.

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