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Stainless steel  Allure Pull handle
  • Stainless steel  Allure Pull handle
  • Stainless steel  Allure Pull handle
  • Stainless steel  Allure Pull handle
Stainless steel  Allure Pull handle
Stainless steel  Allure Pull handle
Stainless steel  Allure Pull handle

Stainless steel Allure Pull handle

The Outdoor Gate Handles are meticulously designed pull handles crafted to withstand outdoor conditions while providing reliable functionality and aesthetic appeal. Featuring a robust pull handle design, they offer convenient access and security for gates, fences, and other outdoor enclosures.
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The Outdoor Gate Handles are meticulously designed pull handles crafted to withstand outdoor conditions while providing reliable functionality and aesthetic appeal. Featuring a robust pull handle design, they offer convenient access and security for gates, fences, and other outdoor enclosures.

Constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel, these pull handles are built to endure exposure to harsh weather elements, including rain, sun, and snow. The materials used ensure resistance to corrosion, rust, and fading, ensuring long-lasting performance and visual appeal.

The pull handles are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip, allowing for easy opening and closing of gates and doors. Their sturdy construction and solid mounting hardware ensure stability and security, contributing to the overall safety and functionality of outdoor spaces.

Allure Pull handle

Product  Material:

Black PVD

Polished Stainless steel

Satin Brass PVD

Satin Stainless steel

Outdoor Gate Handles Parameters:

Stainless steel Pull handle size

Stainless steel Pull handle

Outdoor Gate Handles Features:

Multi-Size Use: 

The Large Outdoor Gate handles come in various sizes, allowing for customization to match different drawer lengths, enhancing both fashion and grip comfort.

Versatile Uses: 

Ideal for a wide range of furniture applications including cupboards, closets, drawers, dressers, doors, and wardrobes, providing a versatile solution for upgrading furniture across the home.

Included Accessories: 

Each set includes 2 packs of pulls, along with an instruction sheet, screws, and key, ensuring a complete package for convenient installation.

High-Quality Material: 

Crafted from premium stainless steel with a brushed antique brass finish, the Outdoor Gate Pull Handle are heavy-duty, strong, and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance even in outdoor settings.

Applicable Scope: 

The Heavy Duty Gate Handle boast a simple and modern design, suitable for various settings and environments, including outdoor gates, due to their durable construction and stylish appearance.

Enhanced Grip: 

With their ergonomic design and sturdy construction, the handles offer a comfortable and secure grip, making them easy to use and enhancing the overall functionality of drawers and doors.

Stylish Upgrade: 

Not only do these Premium Heavy Duty Gate Handle provide practical functionality, but they also serve as an aesthetic upgrade for furniture, adding a touch of modern sophistication to any space

Where we can use Outdoor Gate Handles:

Residential Properties: 

Widely used in residential settings for outdoor gates, fences, and entrances to provide secure access and enhance curb appeal.

Commercial Buildings: 

Installed in commercial properties such as office buildings, retail stores, and industrial facilities to secure outdoor areas like parking lots, loading docks, and storage yards.

Public Facilities: 

Utilized in public facilities like parks, schools, hospitals, and government buildings to control access to outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, sports fields, and utility areas.


Outdoor Gate Handles FAQs:

Are these handles suitable for commercial buildings and offices?

Yes, Outdoor Gate Handles can be used in commercial buildings and offices to secure outdoor gates, entrances, and other access points. Their sturdy construction and durable materials make them suitable for high-traffic areas.

Can these handles be installed in residential properties?

Absolutely. Outdoor Gate Handles are ideal for residential use, including large estates, suburban homes, and urban apartments. They provide a stylish and functional solution for securing outdoor gates, fences, and entrances.

Do these handles come with installation instructions and hardware?

Yes, each set of Outdoor Gate Handles typically includes installation instructions and all necessary mounting hardware, ensuring a straightforward installation process.

Are these handles suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments?

Yes, Outdoor Gate Handles are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including exposure to sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations. Their durable construction and corrosion-resistant materials ensure long-lasting performance.

Can these handles be used on both metal and wooden gates?

Yes, Outdoor Gate Handles are compatible with a variety of gate materials, including metal and wood. They can be installed on gates of different thicknesses and configurations.

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