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BPH801 Pull Handle
There are many materials available for door handles on the market, and stainless steel is generally the most common one. In terms of selecting door handles, the decision is usually made based on the usage environment and style of the door. Additionally, when choosing door handles, we need to choose some brands, and our brands have comprehensive quality testing, technical support, and after-sales service.
Blend Pull Handle
Stainless steel is the most commonly used material in home decoration because it is not easy to rust. In addition, stainless steel handles have good aesthetics, exquisite and compact appearance, fashionable and generous shape, which meets the requirements of ordinary households for home decoration. Therefore, when purchasing cabinet door handles, it is advisable to choose stainless steel handles.
Bevel Pull handle
When choosing a door handle, you can choose stainless steel door handles according to your own needs and preferences. If you need a beautiful and lightweight door handle, then our handle is a good choice.
Ascend Pull Handle
Stainless steel door handles have the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning. The stainless steel door handle has a smooth surface, is not easy to accumulate dust, is easy to clean, and has a good luster and modernity, making it very suitable for modern minimalist style home decoration.
Astrid Pull handle
Amplify the elegance of your home with our Long Door Handles for Wardrobes. These modern door pulls are compatible with all types of doors and settings. They also come in a variety of finishes such as Brushed Stainless Steel, Antique Bronze, Copper, Matte Black-Painted, Satin-Nickel, and Gold-Plated to make sure that they can be easily integrated into any room.
Crafted from durable materials such as stainless steel, brass, Exterior Door Handles And Locks offer robust construction and longevity. They are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent use, ensuring reliable performance over time.
10 inch Door Handles, featuring a Solid Lever design crafted from high-quality Stainless Steel 304 grade, exemplify a perfect blend of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. These handles are meticulously engineered to elevate the overall look and feel of any door, be it residential or commercial.
Long Lever Door Handles are elegant and functional door accessories designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of interior and exterior spaces while providing ease of use. Characterized by an elongated lever design, these handles offer a distinctive and modern look that complements contemporary and traditional door designs alike.
Rustic Lever Door Handles bring a touch of timeless charm and warmth to interior and exterior doors. These handles are characterized by their classic and weathered appearance, inspired by traditional craftsmanship and rustic aesthetics. Crafted from durable materials such as wrought iron, antique brass, or aged bronze, these handles often feature intricate detailing and textured finishes that mimic the patina of time.
Brushed Chrome Door Handles present a modern and sophisticated solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Characterized by their gracefully curved design, these handles combine the contemporary appeal of brushed chrome with an elegant arc shape. Crafted from high-quality materials, typically chrome-plated alloys, these handles offer durability and a sleek aesthetic.
Brushed Chrome Lever Door Handles offer a sleek and contemporary solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Characterized by a smooth, brushed chrome finish, these door handles seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with functionality. Crafted from high-quality materials, typically a combination of chrome-plated alloys, these handles boast durability and resistance to wear.
close doors in various residential and commercial settings. With their traditional design and sophisticated appearance, these handles add a touch of charm and refinement to any space. Crafted from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, classic door handles offer durability, longevity, and superior craftsmanship.